Coalfield Public Library Teen Summer Reading Program

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The Teen Summer Reading Program is open to ages 12 and up. The theme is: Build a Better World. We plan for it to be a fun, though-provoking, laugh-inducing program to help you stay busy this summer!!

Tentative Schedule of Events:

  • Dystopian Read-a-Thon (Summer Long) – Read as many dystopian books this summer as you can — earn prizes and a donation to a cause of your choice.
  • Build-a-Perfect World* (Summer Long) – Create your perfect world — on paper, with clay, with wood, with metal — the choice is yours!
  • Books A Million Contest (Summer Long) – Read and review the most books and earn a free Books A Million gift card!
  • Cosplay (June 19th at 5pm) – Cosplay as a superhero that you create — or your own personal superhero. Be prepared to tell us why you chose that person and what they mean to you. Prizes will be awarded, by vote, for the best costumes!
  • Utopia-Gone-Wrong Book-n-Movie night (July 10th at 5pm) – We will be reading and watching “The Giver” this summer and then discussing how the community messed things up so badly! Maybe we can think of ways to make a utopia that won’t automatically lead to disaster.
  • End-of-the-Summer Party (August 7th at 1pm) – Show off your Cosplay costumes to the public! And bring your Perfect World to display and see which one is chosen as the Most Perfect!

*Your Better World Contest RulesTeen_Spot_Color_8B

You have until the End-of-the-Summer Party on August 7th to design and create a better world. How your world is better than the one we have now is completely up to you! You can write an essay describing what you would do to make the world a better place; build a sculpture depicting your version of a better world; paint a picture showing us what you would do to improve things; or write a song about what you feel needs to be done.

Your creations will be on display at the End-of-the-Summer party and everyone who attends will be asked to vote on their favorite better world depiction. The winner of the contest will get bragging rights and a gift certificate!

Have fun, go crazy and show us what you can dream up!

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